Music and Media

I dont class myself as a top muso, thats for sure! But people seem to like to hear some of my stuff, and we still draw a great crowd when JWS plays.

My own taste in music varies, no particular genre, I just like what I like. When I write music though it always seems to come out the same. More in the country rock type vain than anything else. I love close harmony, melodic music with a bit of an edge. The Eagles are the masters at this, but listen to other band such as Little Feat or Sons of the Desert, Lee Roy Parnell or guitar players such as Vince Gill or the blindingly brilliant Brent Mason.


Country Song

Written when I was about 17…forty years ago! #mysongs


Written around the same time , but lyrics by my old mate Graham Jackson…I think he quite fancied her!!

What you Say

A more up to date song written 2004

Walk in the Room

A classic by anybody’s standards. I just love this song. Hope I didnt murder it!

The Railroad

Probably my personal favourite, if only cos it builds up. Words GJ; Music TJ


Here one from JWS

Jackie Wilson Says