There cannot be a more relaxing place in the world to me. Delightful people just welcome you to their country . Where else in the world does that happen? Read more »

Its my Birthday

After what can only be the best gig JWS have done at. Riga for many a year. Today is my birthday, and before you ask I’m 58! I used to think that 60 was really old, but as it is quickly creeping up on me it does not feel so bad!! That said sixty!! Shit!! Read more »

Friday off

Why it is, I don’t know, but for the past 18 months since I’ve been taking Fridays off, I always feel guilty and that the weeks work is unfinished . It’s not of course but nevertheless, I do not always enjoy the day off!! Does that mean I live to work? I gotta get a life methinks!! Read more »