VAT what Vat!!!

Well the expected stop in sales never hit us today. It seems that everybody has a tenner in their pocket and is just dying to spend it! Much as Id love it to continue, I just dont see it happening. No doubt reality will set in about mid-Jan and we will all realise things arnt quite as rosy as wed like them to be. I keep saying it….Roll on summer!!!! Read more »

Back to work

After a week or two of festivities, its back to work at Strings Direct. I have to admit to getting used to being off and coming into work seemed a chore today, even though I was in for 6 hours yesterday changing the VAT!!! Thanks coalition government!! Read more »

Christmas, love it or hate it!

Its like Marmite isnt it? Personally I love Marmite, and I also love Christmas, if only that it gives me a few days off work to re-charge the old batteries. Couple that with a gig on NYE and its the most wonderful time of the year!! The only thing that screws us all up is the weather that can come with it, and snow just seems to be the focus of everyones life right now! Bugger!! Roll on summer! Read more »